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Gudenåcamping Brædstrup
Bolundvej 4
8740 Brædstrup
Phone +4575763070
CVR 36224509
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Open: 23.03. - 30.09.
LON 9° 39‘ 10.2240'
LAT 55° 56‘ 7.3320'
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Canoe hire
Canoe hire

A relaxing day-trip paddling your canoe from Gudenåcamping Brædstrup down to Voervadsbro is a very special experience.

The outing covers 15 km, sailing with the stream.
You will paddle through varied and unspoiled countryside with a wealth of plant and animal life.

Canoe pick-up
Canoe pick-up

Between Tørring and Mossø paddling against the stream is not allowed, so we have to pick up the canoes by road at the end point of the trip.

This allows us, to a certain extent, to help with transport back to the campsite for those who need it.

The sailing season runs from June 16.th to October 31.st

We also rent out canoes for longer trips along the whole Gudenå river.

Canoe hire prices

Family outing
Family outing

Day-trip from Gudenåcamping Brædstrup to Voervadsbro:

June 16.th to October 1.st:   DKK. 495,-/canoe

3-day outing starting between Tørring and Gudenåcamping Brædstrup:
Whole sailing period: DKK. 1400,- per canoe. Next days DKK 200,- pr. day.
The prices are incl. transportation of the canoes.

Attached file:    Map of the river Gudenaa (2554 KB)

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