The hosts

We are one of those who met each other late in life. Together we have 7 children, all of whom are adults and live around the country.

Ole: I am born and raised in Skanderborg, and I am an educated plumber. Until we took over the campsite, I was a sales consultant for heat pumps and fire stokers.

Helle: I’m born in Aarhus, and then moved to Frederiks in central Jutland before I ended up in Thyborøn, where I lived until Ole lured me back to East Jutland. I have worked for many years as an employment advisor on the sickness benefit area, and have been in different municipalities. I am an educated office assistant and have previously worked as an accounting employee.

Best regards
Helle Levring og Ole Vinther

Driving Directions:

From E45, take exit 56 towards Silkeborg.

Drive on route 52 past Lund and Nim (about 10 km)

Follow the signs shortly after Nim towards the campsite

From Uldum, take route 409 towards Østbirk to Nim.

Turn left onto Silkeborg on route 52.

After approx. 1 km follow the signs to the campsite.

By train or bus to Horsens or Silkeborg:
Bus No. 110 stops 200 m from the campsite.

Vi samarbejder med


Bolundvej 4
DK – 8740 Brædstrup

Tlf +45 7576 3070
CVR 36224509