Gudenå Camping and Canoe Rental Brædstrup has a nice outdoor sun-heated swimming pool with water slide. In the large swimming area there is also a baby pool.

The swimming pool is open from June 5th and until the last week end of August. It is free for the campsite guests to use the swimming pool. However, you have to pay for the obligatory shower before jumping into the water.

There is a playground with bouncy cushions, trampolines and swings, etc. During the season we arrange some activities where everyone can participate.

There are, for example, walks in the area, Easter lunch, Pentecost coffee, midsummers day fire, Western show, etc.

Please see the activity calendar.

Gudenåen Camping and Canoe Rental Brædstrup is a suitable place to host various events as we have a wealth of facilities for both young and old.

There is also the possibility of holding company events and other group events. For further information about events, contact the host couple.


In the high season the kiosk is open all days from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Daily dishes are served a’la grill and pizzas. These dishes are also sold as take-away. After prior arrangement, special dishes such as Grill-self-menu, lunchboxes, sandwich, buffet etc. can be ordered to groups staying overnight.

Ask for options.

Morning bread can be ordered throughout the summer season, outside the high season only on weekends / Sundays and public holidays.


The kiosk at Gudenå Camping and Canoe Rental Brædstrup has opening hours that vary over the year. In the high season there is a daily opening time between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. The kiosk’s range is tailored to meet the most basic needs.

Fresh meat and fruit / vegetables are hardly sold.

The nearest grocery stores are located in Brædstrup, where several of the stores are open till late evening.

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